Welcome to Personal Ministries Department

The department in its five year plan has its focus on Nurturing, Evangelism/Witnessing and Equipping of the church in Northern Milne Bay Mission.

We believe that our church members, Sabbath School members and the interests are the greatest resources of our local mission.

Therefore we concentrate on Nurturing our members in engaging them in bible studies. We encourage the General Conference initiative in reading through the bible by all our churches, families, schools and every church goer. We also encourage prayer in the morning, evening and seven times a week. Our church is greatly experiencing revival and reformation and our churches are vibrant and healthy.

Northern Milne Bay Mission witness a lot of baptism and the entering of new areas. This is because our church is passionate about soul winning. Our revival and reformation naturally compels us into Witnessing for Jesus. We know that the church exists for one purpose and that is for soul winning. We are proud to say that our local mission always baptizes more than 50 people every year. We are proud of what our members are doing with our work force.

This department exists to provide the resources, training and the strategies to support the great work our work force and the laity are engaged in.

We are proud to say that this department is committed with these three key focused areas to assist Northern Milne Bay Mission to receive maximum results.