Welcome to Northern Milne Bay Mission (NMBM) Media and Communication department. This is a newly established department in this Local Mission that focuses mainly on news writing and reportings. As a church we are trying our best in updating you the latest happenings and, thus, keeping you informed of the mission progress via newsletter and the websites.

Our local official newsletter is titled; "Eastern Wind." It is a quarterly newsletter published at every end of the quarter, updating the church and keeping the members informed. It is published and uploaded every end of the quarter for general viewing. You can also visit our homepage nepm.adventistconnect.org and download copies of the newsletter collections.

It is our prayer that may you be inspired and glorify the greatness of the Almighty God as we share the goodness of what Great God is doing for His mission, His church and His people in this part of the Local Mission.

If you want to share you stories or add some input into this department to make it more effective and interesting, you are free to write to us. Our email address is nmbmnews@gmail.com

Once again thankyou for visiting this page.