Mr. John Gore
Education Director

Vision Statement

We exist to provide Christ Centered Educational Institutions of hope in which our students are given opportunity to reach their full potential in discovering values in life for service to God and Humanity throughout Northern and Milne Bay Provinces.

Mission Field:

Northern and Milne Bay Provinces.

 Head Teacher: Mr. Karo Wuri


Vision Statement

Ramaga Adventist Primary School Staff, Students Board of Management, Parents and citizens will share ideas and work together to achieve better Academic results, equip teachers with OBE understanding, establish constructive and realistic policy guidelines, live Christ-centered life and promote good citizenship.

Mission Statement

To develop and promote holistic students development expressed in academic excellence, Christ-centered worship and practical concern for others, Community and the Nation. The staff, students, Board of Management and the Community members including the Agency will work together in teaching effectively, enforcing school policies, emphasizing students discipline, encouraging church regulations and sharing other responsibilities in the development of students learning.


 Head Master: Mr. Yawasa

Inonda Adventist Primary School

Building the students for Change in an atmosphere of Care

Our Vision:

Is to be the BEST Provider of quality primary Christian education in Northern Province. This will be achieved by being

  • Bible our Guide
  • Educational Achievement
  • Spiritually Challenging
  • Physically healthy
  • Socially friendly


Our Mission:

Is to Build students for change through self Reliance, students who are equipped and willing to go extra mile in their education and serve the community, Province, their church and their God.

Our students will be:

  • Growing towards excellence through life-long learning
  • Ready to live by example to make a positive difference in next level of leadership
  • Active in pursuing a balance lifestyle
  • Dedicated to introduce others to Christ
  • Active in leadership role

Our Target: We target every students and Teachers in the campus for Gods glory.